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Build Your Spiritual Armor with Daily Sadhana

Build Your Spiritual Armor with Daily Sadhana

Maharaj Ranjit Singh, who is remembered for owning the famous Kohi-i-noor diamond, went out for a stroll one day. Suddenly, a stone hit him on the back of his shoulder. When the king turned around, he saw a boy stoning the mango tree trying to hit down a large mango. The king immediately asked the servants to bring the boy to his court, and presented the boy with a basket full of mangoes. When the astounded courtiers asked the king why he rewarded the boy who hit him with a stone, the king replied, “If the stone had hit the tree, it would have given him a mango. I am a human being; I should do better than that mango tree. Therefore, I gave him a basket of mangoes.”

The king responded with generosity. How do we attain this state where we respond and not react, so that we progress spiritually?  “Walking on the path of spirituality requires great heroism. It requires strength, determination, patience, and tolerance,” elucidates Swami Mukundananda. So, when others hurt us with their actions or hurl hurtful words at us, how do we tolerate it? The answer is to put on a spiritual armor and wrestle with the internal enemies. However, how do we build this armor? 

When you join the Daily Sadhana course, Swami Mukundananda will help you build it, piece-by-piece, day-by-day, with the protective power of:

  • Vedic knowledge
  • Meditation
  • Prayer and kirtan
  • Satsang

Enroll now, to build and put on the spiritual armor, so that you can insulate from the fluctuations of this material world.