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God Loves a Simple and Pure Heart.

God loves a simple heart

God Loves a Simple and Pure Heart.

An ignorant village man tried hard but was not good at any work. He was very fond of eating though. His family would often condemn him and taunt him for being good-for-nothing and worthless. A day came when his family nonchalantly advised him to go to the nearby temple and live with the sages there. Whoa! the man thought, "That would be great, I can get food and not have to hear to any rebuking either." So, cheerfully, he left for the nearby temple.

He reached the temple and asked the head sage, "Can I stay with you and serve you?". The wise sage said, "As the God wishes" and let him in. The man was thoroughly enjoying his stay in the company of the noble sage doing petty chores around the temple.

Once the sage and his disciples had to go somewhere and asked the man to prepare food for bhog. He was instructed that he could have his food only after the bhog. The man had never done this before but thought "Let me prepare food and then I will call God for bhog". Well, he prepared food and then called upon God, "Hey Prabhu! Please come and eat this food. I am too hungry to wait for long". Suddenly, he sees that a man and a woman come to him. He enquired and came to know that they were Ram and Sita. He was taken aback that he was instructed to prepare food only for one God and now two have come! With a heavy heart, he gives them food and eats the little bit of leftover. The next day, he prepares food for two people and calls God. To his surprise, this time three Gods come - Ram, Sita and Laxman. He gets upset but then serves food to them and eats the left-over morsels at the end. The following day, he complains to the sage that the God brings other Gods for food. So he has to prepare more food and thus needs more groceries from the store. The sage thought that the man must be eating more and did not ask further questions. On the third day, he prepares food for three people and then calls upon God. Bewildered, he sees that today God is accompanied by Sita, Laxman, Bharat, Shatrughn, and Hanuman! Again, he is left with little food for himself. That evening he complains to the sage that many Gods have started coming for bhog and he needs even more material from the store. The sage at this stage gets suspicious and decides to secretly check the man next day.

The man on the other hand was dismayed with the increasing number of Gods coming everyday and thought "Today, I will not make food". Sitting there, he calls upon God. God comes with Sita, Laxman, Bharat, Shatrughna, Hanuman, and about 10 devatas. The man on seeing them says, "Aha, I knew that you would come with more guests. I did not prepare food today. Why don't you all help me make food? There should be enough for me to eat too. " All of them started laughing and blessed him. The sage who was hiding behind the tree all this time was in tears and came running to the man, realizing that this simpleton had no knowledge like all of us have; he only had simplicity and called upon God in an innocent way. God could not stop Himself but come to such a simple devotee.

Most of the times, we think that to be God-realized, we should be soaked in knowledge. It is good to be knowledgeable, but simplicity and innocence are dear to God and He cannot turn His back upon His devotees who call Him with a pure and simple heart.