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Rise Beyond the Three Gunas of Maya to Attain God

Rise above the three gunas of Maya

Rise Beyond the Three Gunas of Maya to Attain God

The three gunas; sattva, tamas, and rajas are present in different proportions in all of us. When one is able to have an intense sattva, he is in harmony with himself. However, these three gunas are still a part of the material nature. Sattva guna is also a mode of goodness of Maya. But, God is  tri-guṇātīt (transcendental to the modes of material nature).

Lord Krishna states in Verse 14.9 of the Bhagavad Gita:

सत्वं सुखे सञ्जयति रज: कर्मणि भारत |
ज्ञानमावृत्य तु तम: प्रमादे सञ्जयत्युत ||

Sattva binds one to material happiness; rajas conditions the soul toward actions; and tamas clouds wisdom and binds one to delusion.

Thus, it is utterly important to rise beyond the three gunas to be near to God. Lord Krishna further states in Bhagavad Gita Verse 14.19:

नान्यं गुणेभ्य: कर्तारं यदा द्रष्टानुपश्यति |
गुणेभ्यश्च परं वेत्ति मद्भावं सोऽधिगच्छति || 

"When wise persons see that in all works there are no agents of action other than the three guṇas, and they know me to be transcendental to these guṇas, they attain my divine nature."

Thus, a person who is no longer bonded to the three gunas attains the highest state of God's grace or Shuddha Sattva or divine mode of goodness. When a person attains the Shuddha Sattva energy, his mind, senses and intellect become divine. However, a person attains this transcendental state only because of God's grace. God bestows His grace only to those who trust Him and love Him barring their ego, unfulfilled desires, arrogance, and ignorance. Then only, the radiance of God's divine power dispels the darkness in a person and illuminates his heart. This wisdom helps us to be in unison with God.