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Surrender to God is often Misunderstood

Surrender to God is often Misunderstood

Surrender to God is often Misunderstood

Someone has very beautifully explained devotion, love, faith, and trust in God in just one sentence - "Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God."

But what happens with us? We lack faith and trust in God. We fear about the unknown future and doubt the very existence of God. We visit temples and shrines, attend satsangs  and discourses, but never understand what it is to surrender to God.  The word surrender is enigmatic; often used in a negative connotation like, "Surrender to the law" or "Surrender in a battle".  No wonder we don't get "Surrender to God" right!

We are often disillusioned with the material world. Whatever we do is towards a specific goal, whether materialistic or our worldly relations. Without even realizing, we become hedonistic or as we say, "Mohmaya" grips us. Our belief in God is shaken by even small losses and minor accidents. We often fear losing all that we have earned in this world. We "surrender to the material world". 

Surrendering to God means that we relinquish control over the worldly things and believe that He is the ultimate controller of our present and our future. Instead of worrying about what happens next, we absorb our mind in thoughts of God and lovingly contemplate upon Him with faith and trust.

Lord Krishna says (Bhagavat Gita; Chapter 12, verses 6-7)
ये तु सर्वाणि कर्माणि मयि संन्न्यस्य मत्पर: |
अनन्येनैव योगेन मां ध्यायन्त उपासते || 6||
तेषामहं समुद्धर्ता मृत्युसंसारसागरात् |
भवामि नचिरात्पार्थ मय्यावेशितचेतसाम् || 7||
"But those who dedicate all their actions to me, regarding me as the Supreme goal, worshiping me and meditating on me with exclusive devotion, O Parth, I swiftly deliver them from the ocean of birth and death, for their consciousness is united with me."

And, when we surrender to God, we become better people and worldly emotions do not affect us. We are happy and content. Shree Swami Mukundanada ji explains surrendering to God beautifully in this blog.