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The Courses

Daily Sadhana courses are structured into well defined modules that cover different high-level topics in a systematic manner. The modules are further organized into individual daily lessons that dive into the details of those topics. Each lesson includes a video lecture, meditation, reviews, exercises and many other features. Progress through each module by completing all the lessons in the modules.

Fundamentals of Vedic Philosophy

Begin your Daily Sadhana journey with the Fundamentals of Vedic Philosophy course that builds a solid foundation for spiritual knowledge and practice. This course reveals the timeless philosophy of the ancient Vedic literature that has helped spiritual seekers for millennia, and clarifies all the doubts that prevent spiritual progress.

Secrets of Vedic Philosophy

Upon completion of the Fundamentals course, you will continue your journey in Secrets of Vedic Philosophy and take your spiritual practice to the next level. Learn the powerful secrets of the Vedic Scriptures that have transformed the lives and consciousness of countless seekers, and put the theory into practice with advanced techniques.

Advanced Vedic Philosophy

Complete your mastery of Vedic Philosophy in this final course. You will leave this course with a deep and thorough understanding of the most profound spiritual concepts, along with resolution of all doubts and contradictions and the practical experience needed to set up your own structured daily spiritual practice for life.


Choose the Daily Sadhana subscription plan that best fits your needs!

  • Ready to commit to your spiritual progress? Enroll with the best value Yearly Plan: $29.99/month/user (one year subscription billed annually at $359.98)
  • Want a shorter term enrollment? Try the Semiannual Plan: $34.99/month/user (6 month subscription at  $209.94)
  • Want to try Daily Sadhana without a long term commitment? Being with our maximum flexibility Monthly Plan: $39.99/month/user (renewed monthly)


Daily Sadhana Features

Daily Sadhana is designed to provide you with an optimal learning experience and help you get the maximum benefit from every single lesson, and ensure that you retain the knowledge and skills you develop during the program. In addition, Daily Sadhana is full of features that make spiritual practice simple, straightforward, and fun!

Video Lectures

Every course lesson contains a video lecture by Swami Mukundananda that explains the deep Vedic philosophy, from the fundamentals to the advanced, in a practical and engaging manner.

Unique Meditations

Each lecture ends with a unique guided meditation that has been specially developed to complement the lecture topic. Bring the restless mind into focus and learn how to practically implement the teachings of the day.

Lesson Reviews with Audio

Every lesson has a review section that summarizes the key takeaways of the video lecture in an easy-to-retain format. The reviews have been developed to appeal to a wide range of learning styles and comes with an audio narration as well.

Exercises to Test your Understanding

Test your understanding of the lecture material with exercises at the end of each lesson. Each lesson contains multiple Q&A exercises in a variety of fun and engaging formats.

Message of the Day

Celebrate the completion of each lesson with a unique take-away message!

Interactive Discussion Forums

Post questions in discussion forums and get answers from the Daily Sadhana community. Share your experiences, interact with others, and participate in our wonderful and supportive online community.

Earn Treasures by Gaining Bonus Points

Progress through each lesson and earn bonus points that can be redeemed for treasures from our treasure chest! 

Prayers, Kirtans & Arati

Each lesson contains a daily prayer, and a special kirtan (spiritual chants) and aratis to help you practice spirituality and develop devotional sentiments towards God.


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