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Frequently Asked Questions | Daily Sadhana

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions | Daily Sadhana

Frequently Asked Questions

About Daily Sadhana

  1. What is Sadhana?

    Sadhana is the process of putting spiritual philosophy into practice by filling our mind with thoughts of devotion, surrender, and love for God.

  2. What does Daily Sadhana mean?

    “Sadhana” is a Sanskrit term that means spiritual practice, and features frequently in Vedic scriptures. This service has been named Daily Sadhana because it enables seekers to practice spirituality on a daily basis, which is essential to making spiritual progress.

  3. What are the benefits of Sadhana?

    All day long, we spend time in the worldly environment where the world pulls us in love and hatred, hankering, lamentation, tension, anxiety, and stress. We seldom realize that the worldly environment gradually takes a toll on us and impacts our well-being. Practicing Sadhana purifies the mind and keeps our mind in good health. Furthermore, by practicing spiritual Sadhana for some time in a day, we reap the benefits of a spiritual consciousness throughout the day.

  4. Is Daily Sadhana religious, or meant for practitioners of a specific religion?

    Daily Sadhana is intended to benefit spiritual seekers and religious practitioners of all backgrounds. The knowledge offered in our courses comes from the timeless and non-sectarian Vedic literature that has helped seekers around the world for millennia!

Daily Sadhana Courses

  1. What courses are offered?

    Daily Sadhana's first course offering is the three-part Vedic Philosophy series, which begins with Fundamentals of Vedic Philosophy and then continues into Secrets of Vedic Philosophy and then Advanced Vedic Philosphy. Please refer to the Courses page to learn more. 

  2. Is the content based off of any one particular scripture or is it generalized?

    The content is based on a mixture of scriptural texts and teachings of saints. These include The Vedas, Upaniṣhads, the Smṛitis, the Purāṇas, Darśhan śhāstras, Bhagavad Gita, Ramayan, and the Bhāgavatam as well as the writings of many saints, acharyas, and Jagadgurus.

  3. What background knowledge is necessary?

    No background knowledge is required. Users will begin their Daily Sadhana journey with the Fundamentals of Vedic Philosophy course that starts with the basics and allows users to build a solid foundation of spiritual knowledge and practice before moving to more advanced topics in the course series. 

  4. Do I need to take the courses in a specific order?

    Yes. The Vedic Philosophy series is structured into three courses - Fundamentals of Vedic Philosophy, Secrets of Vedic Philosophy, and Advanced Vedic Philosophy. Successful completion of the prior course unlocks the next course in the series. Users will need to complete Fundamentals of Vedic Philosophy before they can register in Secrets of Vedic Philosophy, and successful completion of Secrets of Vedic Philosophy is required to access Advanced Vedic Philosophy.  

  5. How long are the courses?

    The Vedic Philosophy course series consists of over 200 lessons. A new lesson is unlocked everyday upon successful completion of the previous day's lesson. Each lesson consists of a video lecture, meditation, lesson review, exercises, message of the day, prayer, kirtan and aratis. 

  6. How long do I have to complete the lessons? There is no specific time limit to the course. As long as you are subscribed to the course, you can continue to access the lessons.
  7. Can I take a break in the middle of a lesson?

    Yes. Each lesson is designed to be completed in an hour, however, there is no time limit. Students can go through the lessons at a pace that is comfortable to them. 

  8. Is it possible to complete the course in a short period of time (for example within a month)?

    Daily Sadhana is designed to allow users engage in Sadhana every day. A new lesson is unlocked each day upon successful completion of the previous day's lesson. The goal is to allow users to learn and fully contemplate on the teachings of the current lesson before moving on to the next lesson. Hence, not more than one new lesson can be accessed each day (provided the lesson for the previous day has been completed). However, students can always access completed lessons.

  9. Can I drop the course at any point if need be? Course material will be available for duration of subscription even if you decide to drop the course as course registration payment is non refundable.
  10. Whom do I approach with questions regarding the course content?

    Each course has an interactive discussion forum where questions can be posted. A Daily Sadhana moderator or fellow students can reply to questions posted on the forum. If you still have additional questions, you can contact the Daily Sadhana team.

  11. What time of the day is the online course offered?

    You can access your registered course anytime of the day and from any device. 

  12. How long is each lesson?

    Each lesson consists of a video lecture, meditation, lesson review, exercises, message of the day, prayer, kirtan and aratis. It is designed to be completed in about an hour. However, the actual completion time can vary depending on how quickly you wish to move through the lesson. There is no time limit and you can take as long as needed.

  13. Are lessons accessible after I complete them?

    Users can access any one previous lesson video of their choice everyday, in addition to their current lesson video of that day. Once you access a lesson video of your choice for the day, it will appear with an orange "View" button. This will reset the next day and you can select another completed lesson video to watch for the day in addition to your current lesson video. The lesson review, exercises, and kirtan will be accessible for all the lessons throughout the duration of your subscription.

  14. How many lessons can I complete in a week?

    You can complete up to 7 new lessons per week.

  15. Do I have to complete 7 lessons/week? What if I have a busy week? Or if my schedule allows me to complete fewer lessons per week?

    No problem! Daily Sadhana allows you to progress at your own pace. You may complete fewer lessons per week if needed.  But we recommend you try to be as regular as possible and try your best to complete as many as you can.

  16. When will the next lesson be available after I have completed my current lesson? 

    After completion of the current lesson, a new lesson will be available at 4 AM the next day. Users can set their time-zone in the settings. 

Enrolling in Daily Sadhana Courses

  1. How do I register for a course?

    Create a new account by clicking here. Once you have created an account, register for the course by clicking on "Enroll Now" on the Home Page.

  2. I am located outside the United States. Can I enroll in Daily Sadhana and pay via other currencies?

    Yes. Users outside the United States can enroll in Daily Sadhana and complete payment via PayPal. 

  3. What is the refund policy?

    Payments made for Daily Sadhana course subscription are final and non refundable. However, course material will be available for duration of subscription even if you decide to not continue with the course. 

  4. How do I cancel automatic renewal of my subscription?

    Please contact us to cancel your subscription renewal.

  5. If I enroll and pay prior to the course start date, will I be charged from the day I pay even though the course starts after this date?

    Your billing cycle will begin on the course start date for your registered course. So, for the Fundamentals of Vedic Philosophy course, it will start billing on January 31, 2017 if you registered prior to this date. If you enroll after January 31, 2017, your billing cycle will begin on the day of your enrollment. For example, if you enroll on March 3, 2017, your billing cycle will begin on this day. However, if you enroll on January 18, 2017 (prior to course start date), your billing cycle will begin from January 31, 2017 only which is the course start date. 

  6. Can I unsubscribe from the Inactive reminder email notifications?

    To unsubscribe to inactive reminder email notifications please click on the unsubscribe link in the inactive reminder email or please send an email request to