This course has been wonderfully designed and presented. We look forward to going through lessons every day. Please accept our humble pranam for creating this.

Sonali Birla

Outstanding job on the course design, content, and sequence. The combination of everything in a nicely structured package is a stroke of genius. It is self-paced, stress-free, and gives us time to reflect on the learnt knowledge. I repeatedly go back to the lessons I have completed to reconnect with the knowledge. Because of portability, I can pull up my course dashboard on my iPad and look at the content review immediately prior to a difficult meeting to help me stay calm. In just a week I feel I learnt so much. As a university professor, I too design and teach online courses but this Daily Sadhana course is better than anything I have created or taken. Once again, thank you for this wonderful experience. I look forward to an entire year of essential knowledge that will pave the way toward divine bliss.

Smita Mehta

Daily Sadhana is exactly what we were looking for to sustain our spiritual development. We like to characterize it as sadhana technique for the 21st century. The on-demand nature of Daily Sadhana provides flexibility to accommodate our differing schedules. Our entire family now looks forward to participating in the routine every evening - yes, even our teenage kids! Each lesson has the perfect balance of discourse, review, quiz, meditation, and kirtan/aarti. This variety keeps the mind spiritually entertained for the entire hour, duration of each lesson. There is even the facility to ask Swamiji clarifying questions. We strongly urge everyone to try Daily Sadhana for a month - its impact will be self-evident.

Parag Birla

Since I have enrolled into Daily Sadhana course, I am able to easily incorporate sadhana into my busy daily schedule as a physician. I am able to reflect and contemplate on the daily message, meditate, and thoroughly enjoy the kirtans. The program has helped me develop the discipline to do sadhana daily. The entire day, my mind revolves around Daily Sadhana, eagerly waiting to progress to the next class. I believe that the Daily Sadhana program is an amazing special grace, helping me progress in my spiritual journey. Even my nine-year-old daughter, who has joined in on a few occasions, says, "I feel closer to Krishna."

Mohana Murali Krishna

I see my life so differently now than I did before beginning Daily Sadhana. Before this I was overwhelmed by stress, sadness and other negativity. Now I feel calm and happy to be in the mind of the Lord where I belong. I look forward to making true spiritual progress in this life, always drawing close to God, to whom I belong.

Amanda Sheumaker

Radhey Radhey! Daily Sadhana is the best course ever in the spiritual community. The way Swamiji enlightens us with each and every topic is extremely beautiful and it has been designed in such a systematic manner. All my doubts were cleared upon taking uo this course. In today's world it is difficult to find a true Guru but Swamiji's this very effort proves his sincerity to spread divine knowledge to every soul in the world. The meditations, reviews, exercises, aarti and kirtans are also an absolute treat to engage in. This very course has not just built the foundation for my spiritual journey but it has transformed from inside out. Infinite thanks to Swamiji and the entire team of Daily Sadhana. Really appreciate the team as they always reverted with answers to my questions . It has been a privilege to have been a part of this wonderful journey. Thank you so much Swamiji and DST.

Uma Maheswarri

I'm new to Hinduism and I wated to learn the religion. I used to be a Christian. I became interested in Hinduism just recently. I'm actually loving Hinudism more than Christianity. People are born into Christianity because of there families. But people find Hinduism on there own. Hindu's don't look for seeking new converts or send missionaries. The person finds hinduism on there own. This makes the experience more real to me! So far I've learned a wealth of knowledge from taking My Daily Sadhana and I'm still a beginner. I'm so thankful to have these courses available to me online. Thank you so very much for this!!!

Joey Lavalliere

With every day that goes by, every lesson brings my heart closer and closer to Vrindavan. This course is what this fallen soul has been longing for all this time. Thank you for blessing us all with your grace. Thank you for sharing Divine knowledge and helping us understand and practice the scriptures. I have read the Baghavat Gita and am currently reading the Srimad Baghavatam- but this course allows us to contemplate on the scriptures throughout the day and gives us the opportunity to practice spiritual devotion in a structured from to the point that it is now becoming frequent and spontaneous, as Sri Kripalu Maharaji enourages us to practice devotion. This has truly been a blessing due to lifetimes of trying to find Krishna and devote our lives to him once again. From a longing Gopi, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Melina de Moura

This course has been wonderfully designed and presented. We look forward to going through lessons every day. Please accept our humble pranam for creating this.

P. Naga srinivas

By far, the best course I have ever seen on Vedic Philosophy! I am so grateful to you for creating this course - your lessons are so fascinating and easy to understand. Growing up in the US, I have read and studied many English-translated versions of Vedic philosophy and Hinduism, but I have not seen anything quite like this - it has been invaluable to learn this material from you and practice with your meditations on a daily basis. Swamiji's mastery of the material and ability to explain it so simply in English (and in such an interesting way) is what makes him so unique. I hope to see other courses like this one (i.e., Bhagwad Gita) in the future. My heartfelt gratitude to Swamiji and the whole team for putting this course together and helping to bring us closer to God!

P. Patel

No words can ever express how grateful I am for the divine knowledge I have been blessed with through learning from these courses with Swamiji. The courses are very systematically organized and the content not only profound but also simple to understand. Through my humble experience, what I have found is that even with busy daily schedule, the courses can always be learnt at anytime throughout the day, such as during work lunch breaks, while cooking, cleaning, folding laundry, walking on the treadmill, etc… (the meditation and prayers portion require some quite down time). One convenient option about having the courses online is the rewind feature which allows an important topic to be listened again or in case of being distracted. Your spiritual path has lead you here, so be brave and give this a try. I sincerely recommend it as I have personally seen and felt the benefits of this learning journey. Many blessings

Chau Bui

Radhey Radhey!! Thank you to Swamiji and entire Daily Sadhana Team for offering a such a valuable, very well organized online resource. Swamiji’s articulates vedic knowledge with meticulous examples. His luminous lectures clear all your doubts. I started with this program in Jan 2018 and completed it in Dec. I looked forward to doing my daily sadhna and find my spiritual treasure again and again. This is a perfect spiritual gift you can present to yourself and your loved ones. Your life will become really simple and undoubtedly you will be able to prioritize things that matter more and start focusing on it!

Seema Chawla

What a coincidence. I began this course, Fundamentals of Vedic Scriptures, on Makarsankranti that's my birthday too. The course was sponsored by my son Rohan as a birthday gift . I had little knowledge in religious matters learnt from the stories of Ramayan and Mahabharat. I used to read Tukarama katha, Ramdas but couldn't understand its true meaning till I attend these series of lectures. As I continued the daily lectures of Swami Mukundanandji Maharaj I got involved to the extent that I awaited for the next lecture.The lectures are lucid, informative and enchanting. Slowly I learnt the importance of Shravan , Bhajan and Manan and started listening the brain storming lectures of Jagadguru Krupaluji Maharaj. At the conclusion of the course I thank JKYOG for such a wonderful course and promoting peace to every one. Thanks

Chandrakant karande

Daily Sadhana is a structured program for those who require structure to realise the truth. Until this program was given to me I didn't know where I was supposed to go nor how to get there. I was assailed by doubts. Swamiji cleared those doubts for me. I was able to follow along even though I don't speak Hindi.

Linda Eatmon

"What we are, is greater than what we have". I am so grateful for My Daily Sadhana course and for Shree Swami Mukundananda ji's teaches. I can't wait for the next lesson! I strongly urge everybody to try My Daily Sadhana. The earlier you Start your Daily Sadhana, the more Benefits you Reap.


I was reading Bhagavad Gita and after chapter 4, I thought I need guidance from Guru. Though, I never met Swamiji before, suddenly out of blue I received the mail from my daily sadhana. I thought, it was the God's grace and I immediately subscribed to the program. It is difficult to enumerate the inner unfoldment that I got from the Program. But the manifestation of such unfoldment was obvious. I could control my mind and develop will power to control my eating. Thus lost my weight from 230 pounds to 190 pounds. My BP came down from 150/100 to 109/68 and I completely stopped taking medicines for BP. My Arthritis is under control, my knowledge of Sanskrit improved, my relationships with people around has improved. I always think that I should have had this program 10 years ago so that my young age was more meaningful. I strongly recommend this program to every individual especially young people as they can leverage their inner strength to best possible extent.

Harish Rangacharya

This innovative modern way of transmitting ancient wisdom of the eternal soul is effectively and powerfully transforming and uplifting lives of people all over the world. I personally am forever grateful to Swami Mukundananda and his dedicated team, for connecting me to this Ancient yoga system of Bhakti. It is helping me discover and awaken the hidden potential of my inner self in relationship with God, and this has given me the happiness I was searching for for so long. Invaluable gift I can never repay. Thankyou!

Lora Melzack

My previous testimony was after the first week of being enrolled in this awesome Daily Sadhana course. Now, almost at the end of one year, I cannot describe in words the impact of the course on my heart and soul. Vedic knowledge is so philosophically deep, intense, infinite, and very difficult to understand, yet, Swamiji has disseminated the knowledge in ways to help ordinary people apply the knowledge bit by bit. I feel that if I can apply even a fourth of what Swamiji teaches, it will be worthwhile. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn such knowledge. I can immediately tell the difference on days when I have not reviewed a lesson because on such days I am less mindful of Swamiji’s teachings and more easily provoked by worldly challenges. I love the course so much that I cannot stop talking about it with whoever is willing to listen! Thank you again, Swamiji, for this amazing life transforming opportunity.


I am so thankful for this course and for Shree Kripalu Ji for leading me in this direction as I was feeling so lost and confused. As someone coming from a military lifestyle, this guided structured program is helping me get back on track in my Devotion at the same time helping me heal from trauma. It also allows me to stay accountable. I am excited about the next lesson! Radhey Radhey USAF, RET Tee